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Sometimes networking can be crucial to gaining the job that you want. Follow these steps to ensure you get in touch with the millions of potential employers looking for people like you to employ.

  • Join social media groups and sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. These websites have tons of groups where like minded people share possible employment opportunities.
  • Ensure all of your social media profiles are clean and professional looking. Having a million pictures of you dribbling on yourself after a heavy night may just put potential employers off. Make sure that any pictures or information you have on-line is either removed, or hidden from the public.
  • Join professional groups on social media sites and get involved in current conversations. Get your name out there and noticed.
  • Be professional and courteous when commenting within professional groups. People tend to forget this one time and time again. Remember, any potential employer can see your comments, make use of that to show your intelligence and experience.
  • Make contacts when appropriate and stay in touch. Make sure you approach and get in touch with helpful professionals when the time is appropriate. Don’t just send random people messages, ensure that you have a purpose for getting in touch with them. And when you have made that contact, keep in touch with them from time time.
  • Ask for endorsement. On social media sites like LinkedIn you can ask your contacts for endorsement of your services. Make sure for those that you work for you ask. Don’t ask people to endorse you that you haven’t worked for or with, as this can be see as un-professional.

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