Security Jobs for Security Professionals

Jobs For Security was established as an addition to the UK Security Directory after growing requests for a security industry dedicated job section.


Our mission is to connect security professionals with those who are recruiting for security industry roles.

We also believe that there are not enough resources out there tailored to the security industry, and so have established a knowledge base of resources, where those coming into the security industry can find the answers to often asked questions.

Jobs For Security Founder

Jobs for Security was founded by Michael, a former British Army soldier, and currently operational security professional. Having served within the British Army as a front-line infantryman, and then progressing onto the private security industry to work in the field of Close Protection, Michael noticed a distinct lack of resources specifically tailored to the security industry. Specifically for those professionals looking to gain employment in the industry.

From this observation, Jobs For Security was created as an addition to another project Michael works on, The UK Security Directory